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Der Weg der Vergeltung

Und wieder wird es eine neue MtG-Comic-Mini-Serie mit dem Namen MtG: Path of Vengeance geben. Wie schon in den vorangegangenen Mini-Serien wird auch diese vom Planeswalker-Dieb Dack Fayden handeln.

Das spannende an den Comics ist ja die Tatsache, dass die Titelbilder auch immer für die dazugehörigen IDW-Promo-Karten verwendet werden. Zum ersten Cover könnte z.B. Spell Snare und zum dritten Cover Hellhole Flailer passen, oder was meinst Du? Hier die Titelbilder und ein kurzer Inhalts-Spoiler fürs weitere Spekulieren:

Dack Fayden returns to Ravnica! Dack knows that the malevolent Sifa Grent has something sinister planned for the city of Ravnica, but he must uncover her plot while being pursued by Rakdos cultists and Boros soldiers. Not only that, but someone from Dack’s past may just put an end to the Planeswalker thief!

Release: Dezember 2012? - Das Heft sollte eigentlich schon im November erscheinen...

The Cult of Rakdos has put a price on Dack Fayden's head - and Maytov, the best thief in Ravnica, has come to collect. Now, Dack must fight for his life against an opponent more cunning than anyone he's ever faced. Will Maytov succeed where even Sifa Grent has failed-and kill the Planeswalker Thief?

Scheduled release: January 30, 2013

Dack Fayden has finally uncovered Sifa Grent’s plan for Ravnica… and it could bring unbelievable devastation to the city-plane! Now, Dack must make his way through Ravnica, with Rakdos cultists and city guards hot on his trail, in the hope that he can stop Sifa before it’s too late!

Scheduled release: February, 2013

Dack Fayden confronts Sifa Grent in a battle that may be too much for the Planeswalker thief. With the fate of Ravnica hanging in the balance, Dack must rally all his strength to put an end to the villainous Sifa once and for all!

Scheduled release: March, 2013

Quelle: MTG Realm

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