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Wie Wizards CEO die Zukunft sieht

Genau, das folgende Video ist ein Mitschnitt der Rede, die Gred Leeds (President und CEO von WotC) im Rahmen der GAMA Trade Show 2014 gehalten hat. Hauptsächlich spricht er vom neuen WPN Level Advanced Plus, allerdings stellt er auch seine Sicht auf die Spieleindustrie vor! Und das ist der wirklich spannende Teil des Videos:

Wer mehr über Greg Leeds wissen möchte, der kann sich ja die folgende Kurz-Bio (von GAMA) durchlesen:

Greg has 25 years of experience in transforming and building brands globally with some of the world’s leading consumer products companies. He has been President of Wizards of the Coast since early 2008 and under his leadership the company is achieving phenomenal success by creating great integrated analog and digital entertainment experiences. He reveres the integrity and values of the gaming community and is proud to be a member.

During 2005 through 2007, Greg took responsibility for Hasbro’s Asia/Pacific Division and was put in charge of all International Marketing. He joined Hasbro as General Manager of the Company’s Boys Toys division in 2001 and under his management, the Company strengthened its leadership in the “male action” category through the launch of breakthrough entertainment on brands such as TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE and BEYBLADE.

Prior to Hasbro, Greg worked as the Vice President/General Manager for Samsonite Corporation’s Traditional Channels. He also spent a portion of his career at Samsonite based in Hong Kong as their Vice President/General Manager, Asia.

Greg’s marketing career began at Procter & Gamble where he held various positions of increasing responsibility across the globe between 1984 and 1997. He has a Bachelor of Commerce and Finance from the University of Toronto, and excelled in the Dartmouth University Executive program which led to a leadership role in re-vamping Hasbro’s innovation efforts.
Greg is highly involved in his community. He is a Board member for Big Brothers Big Sisters Puget Sound and a Board member of the Seattle Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. He strives to stay young by trying to close the gap in sports, fitness and gaming with his wife and two sons.

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