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Top 25 Pro Rankings - 23/2015

Rank Name Points Change Previous
1 Eric Froehlich 65.87 1
2 Samuel Black 63.62 2
3 Yuuya Watanabe 62.74 3
4 Lee Shi Tian 62.49 4
5 Owen Turtenwald 61.49 5
6 Ari Lax 58.62 6
7 Shaun McLaren 57.87 7
8 Seth Manfield 55.99 8
9 Paul Rietzl 55.62 9
10 Jacob Wilson 55.37 10
11 Ivan Floch 54.74 11
12 Shahar Shenhar 53.87 12
13 Brad Nelson 53.12 13
14 Josh Utter-Leyton 51.87 14
15 Ondrej Strasky 50.50 15
16 William Jensen 50.37 16
17 Andrew Cuneo 49.24 17
18 Shota Yasooka 48.87 18
19 Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa 48.25 19
20 Craig Wescoe 48.12 +1 21
20 Alexander Hayne 48.12 20
22 Antonio Del Moral Leon 48.00 22
23 Yuuki Ichikawa 47.37 23
24 Christian Calcano 46.74 24
25 Reid Duke 46.36 25

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Do 07.07.2016 12:31

Day 180 - a few spoilers half asleep

[+]Well, it’s Monday, and I’ve been busy with things all day, which means I am sort of exhausted. I guess I’ll have to start thinking about how much stuff I can cram into a single day, though it is sort of refreshing to be exhausted because I do mentally taxing things all day every...
Mi 02.09.2015 23:42

Day 179 - my (successful!!) attempt at motivational blabla

[+]What’s the one thing I haven’t talked about lately? Correct, playing Go! So, let’s do that, but let’s try to do it in a way that also carries some amount of lesson for the non-Go playing people. Hurray! I have always maintained, that the single most important prerequisite...
Di 01.09.2015 22:45

Day 178 - more Battle for Zendikar Spoilers

[+]Another day, another really close call, but fortunately, spoiler season seems to be very early this fall, so we’ve got plenty of new cards to speak about. First of all, to give my own thoughts to the idea that Rolling Thunder isn’t going to be super busted, “because it doesn’...
Mo 31.08.2015 23:59

Day 177 - Battle for Zendikar spoilers

[+]What’s better than opening a Tarmogoyf in Modern Masters? Correct, getting passed a foil Hooded Hydra. Not only do Kahns drafts cost less than half of what MMA15 drafts cost, bizarrely a foil Hooded Hydra is actually worth quite a significant amount more than a Tarmogoyf. The only thing that...
So 30.08.2015 20:35

Day 176 - lazy day is Magic Day

[+]I got back home around 9:30 this morning, and perhaps not surprisingly I haven’t really recovered from the whole crazy “drive 7 hours to a wedding, stay there for 7 hours, then drive back 9 hours” trip we did yesterday. It was great, but boy this day is wasted. When I woke up, I...
Sa 29.08.2015 21:51

Day 175 - a very short update before I leave

[+]Well, it’s gotten rather late to update before going, but I don’t think I can reliably make it from the road, so I suppose it’s just going to be some very short filler. At least this time I have a reason! It’s something! One thing that has always kept me back a little when...
Fr 28.08.2015 08:59

Day 174 - dicovering the charms of Cube sealed

[+]As the title implies, I did find the time to squeeze (at least) one Cube Sealed into my busy schedule. You know what the title also is? Correct, a lie. So far, the only thing I really like about these sealed queues, is that they take so little time. I never thought I’d be interested […]
Fr 28.08.2015 00:10

Day 173 - sweet sweet Chaos Draft

[+]11 hours of sitting on uncomfortable beer benches, hunched over mentally taxing games have left me… fairly enthusiastic about continuing, actually. In pain, yes, but still in great spirits. As today was Wednesday, you can probably guess some amount of Chaos Drafting was done – and...
Do 27.08.2015 00:11

Day 172 - my first Origins draft of the week

[+]It’s always crazy to see how short days are when there is actually something you want to do with them. I haven’t been this enthusiastic about something in a while, and apparently it shows (whatever that means, but I choose to take it as a compliment! Which does say something about...
Mi 26.08.2015 00:29

Day 171 - talking more about MMA15

[+]First of all, I’m sorry that my posts now and in the near future are and will be quite possibly even less ambitious than they have already been for a long time. I’m really excited about Go (like, REALLY excited), and after some initial problems to find players who are actually willing...
Di 25.08.2015 01:14
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Blah ...

news: Top 25 Pro Rankings - 23/2015

12.06.2016 13:13 | Mario Haßler

Liebes "Top 25 Pro Rankings - 23/2015", heute wirst du ein Jahr alt, und du bist immer noch der jüngste Beitrag hier auf GOYF. Dazu die allerbesten Glückwünsche, von Geburtstagskind zu Geburtstagskind!

news: Dragons of Tarkir Preview I

04.03.2015 13:59 | schattengaenger

Sicher, aber dann wäre es keine neue Fähigkeit bzw. kein neues Keyword...

Hätte es dagegen spannend gefunden, wenn WotC eine Kreatur mit Megamorph zusätzlich auch mit Morph ausgestattet hätten, damit man eine situative Wahl treffen könnte. Ich hoffe, dass WotC auch auf diese Idee gekommen ist!

04.03.2015 11:27 | zwork

Hätte man Megamorph nicht als "whenever it's turned face up for it's Morph cost put a +1/+1 counter on it" lösen können?
Hätte weniger von Power Ranger-Feeling. Ich finds dämlich so wie es ist.

news: Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier-Termine II

26.02.2015 23:47 | schattengaenger

Danke für den Hinweis! Ich hatte mich zwar kurz gewundert, aber im Eifer die Nachricht fertig zu kriegen habe ich auch nicht weiter darüber nachgedacht...

26.02.2015 11:15 | Jek

Gerade mit dem Shop-Besitzer geschrieben:

26.03.15 - Sealed - Speyer

stimmt nicht (mehr).

Es soll der 29.03. werden (was auch von WotC bestätigt wurde) - was auch mehr Sinn macht, da am Wochenende.

Bitte ändern ;)

news: Grand Prix Vancouver 2015 Sieger: Dan Lanthier

24.02.2015 22:04 | DerHut*

Tja... Mal sehen ob Splinter Twin wie Pod gebannt wird

* = unbestätigter Benutzer

news: Noch mehr Bilder vom MtG Brettspiel

23.02.2015 08:04 | schattengaenger

Durchaus möglich! Zumindest ähnelt das Design der Box dem Set-Design Magic Origins.

22.02.2015 07:59 | zwork

Sind das zufällig genau die selben Planeswalker wie in Magic Origins?


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