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Top 25 Pro Rankings - 23/2015

Rank Name Points Change Previous
1 Eric Froehlich 65.87 1
2 Samuel Black 63.62 2
3 Yuuya Watanabe 62.74 3
4 Lee Shi Tian 62.49 4
5 Owen Turtenwald 61.49 5
6 Ari Lax 58.62 6
7 Shaun McLaren 57.87 7
8 Seth Manfield 55.99 8
9 Paul Rietzl 55.62 9
10 Jacob Wilson 55.37 10
11 Ivan Floch 54.74 11
12 Shahar Shenhar 53.87 12
13 Brad Nelson 53.12 13
14 Josh Utter-Leyton 51.87 14
15 Ondrej Strasky 50.50 15
16 William Jensen 50.37 16
17 Andrew Cuneo 49.24 17
18 Shota Yasooka 48.87 18
19 Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa 48.25 19
20 Craig Wescoe 48.12 +1 21
20 Alexander Hayne 48.12 20
22 Antonio Del Moral Leon 48.00 22
23 Yuuki Ichikawa 47.37 23
24 Christian Calcano 46.74 24
25 Reid Duke 46.36 25

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Do 07.07.2016 12:31

The trouble of putting themes into Magic (Part 1) sets

[+]Let’s talk about a difficult topic today. One I have, in this case, ended up mostly copping out of in the end, though I can assure you that when I still thought I had all the time in the world it was an aspect of design I did put quite a bit of thought into: […]
Do 07.07.2016 12:31

The Lands of undoctored

[+]Today I am a bit tight on time, so no endless babbling about the lack of merits of certain Doctors. Instead let’s take a look at the arguably most interesting part of any Magic set: the lands. Damn, making lands is hard. That is something I always suspected, but you only really appreciate...
Mi 06.07.2016 18:48

Designing Doctor Who in the context of Magic set

[+]Well, good morning to all you as well! First of all, it is important to remember exactly what of this I own: which is unfortunately not much (read: nothing). The only thing I actually did was to piece everything together – an absurd amount of work that does not entitle me to anything. That&...
Di 05.07.2016 16:05

Of Doctors and Magic (and Doctor Who themed Magic Sets)

[+]Hey guys, guess what? I’m Back! Before I write anything about what I’ve been working on lately, let me just quickly disclaim this: I OWN NOTHING! PLEASE DON’T SUE ME! Everything Doctor Who belongs to the BBC, everything Magic, including every symbol, mechanic or idea (except for...
Mo 04.07.2016 20:59

Bonus day 1 - aaaand we?ve got some winners

[+]Ok, so quite a few people thought my drawings were less than perfect (which is insane) and therefore neglected to send in their answers, in fear of getting laughed at. It is of course a silly thought that you would get laughed at because you send in incorrect answers (not that I won’t laugh...
Di 08.09.2015 22:24

Day 185 - it's spoiler season, so let's just do that

[+]Hey guys, I’m too exhausted to write something nice now, since I haven’t slept nearly enough in days. I’m going to extend the deadline to tomorrow noonish, and then I’ll tell you all about the cards I drew and who won what. Maybe I’ll come up with another little quiz...
Mo 07.09.2015 23:50

Day 184 ?

[+]Ok, so maybe the tasks posed in yesterday’s quiz weren’t exactly as easy as I made it sound. Some of them, I would actually be kind of surprised to see correct answers at all. I will give out a random prize, which you will be able to win with a little luck as long as […]
Mo 07.09.2015 00:07

Day 183 - you can win something!

[+]I know, I know, I’ve only got 3 days to go, and I’m this late? What gives? Well, since I was going to be massively late anyway, after coming home at 2:30 in the morning completely exhausted from playing go, I decided, I might as well be even later and give you a bit of […]
So 06.09.2015 04:08

Day 182 - looking at the future

[+]I’m sure it has been obvious that over the past days – or rather weeks – that I haven’t been thinking about this blog very much. Sure, at some point I still take a little time to post something (of varying degrees of coherence), but there is little plan, no ambition and not...
Sa 05.09.2015 01:02

Day 181 - what to do with all that waste paper?

[+]I haven’t gotten to play any Go or Magic today, which feels a bit weird, but with University approaching a bit fast for comfort, there is just so much I have to get done. One of the pre-university preparations I promised myself to get done in time, is clean up my room at least to […]
Do 03.09.2015 20:55
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Blah ...

news: Top 25 Pro Rankings - 23/2015

12.06.2016 13:13 | Mario Haßler

Liebes "Top 25 Pro Rankings - 23/2015", heute wirst du ein Jahr alt, und du bist immer noch der jüngste Beitrag hier auf GOYF. Dazu die allerbesten Glückwünsche, von Geburtstagskind zu Geburtstagskind!

news: Dragons of Tarkir Preview I

04.03.2015 13:59 | schattengaenger

Sicher, aber dann wäre es keine neue Fähigkeit bzw. kein neues Keyword...

Hätte es dagegen spannend gefunden, wenn WotC eine Kreatur mit Megamorph zusätzlich auch mit Morph ausgestattet hätten, damit man eine situative Wahl treffen könnte. Ich hoffe, dass WotC auch auf diese Idee gekommen ist!

04.03.2015 11:27 | zwork

Hätte man Megamorph nicht als "whenever it's turned face up for it's Morph cost put a +1/+1 counter on it" lösen können?
Hätte weniger von Power Ranger-Feeling. Ich finds dämlich so wie es ist.

news: Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier-Termine II

26.02.2015 23:47 | schattengaenger

Danke für den Hinweis! Ich hatte mich zwar kurz gewundert, aber im Eifer die Nachricht fertig zu kriegen habe ich auch nicht weiter darüber nachgedacht...

26.02.2015 11:15 | Jek

Gerade mit dem Shop-Besitzer geschrieben:

26.03.15 - Sealed - Speyer

stimmt nicht (mehr).

Es soll der 29.03. werden (was auch von WotC bestätigt wurde) - was auch mehr Sinn macht, da am Wochenende.

Bitte ändern ;)

news: Grand Prix Vancouver 2015 Sieger: Dan Lanthier

24.02.2015 22:04 | DerHut*

Tja... Mal sehen ob Splinter Twin wie Pod gebannt wird

* = unbestätigter Benutzer

news: Noch mehr Bilder vom MtG Brettspiel

23.02.2015 08:04 | schattengaenger

Durchaus möglich! Zumindest ähnelt das Design der Box dem Set-Design Magic Origins.

22.02.2015 07:59 | zwork

Sind das zufällig genau die selben Planeswalker wie in Magic Origins?


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