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Top 25 Pro Rankings - 23/2015

Rank Name Points Change Previous
1 Eric Froehlich 65.87 1
2 Samuel Black 63.62 2
3 Yuuya Watanabe 62.74 3
4 Lee Shi Tian 62.49 4
5 Owen Turtenwald 61.49 5
6 Ari Lax 58.62 6
7 Shaun McLaren 57.87 7
8 Seth Manfield 55.99 8
9 Paul Rietzl 55.62 9
10 Jacob Wilson 55.37 10
11 Ivan Floch 54.74 11
12 Shahar Shenhar 53.87 12
13 Brad Nelson 53.12 13
14 Josh Utter-Leyton 51.87 14
15 Ondrej Strasky 50.50 15
16 William Jensen 50.37 16
17 Andrew Cuneo 49.24 17
18 Shota Yasooka 48.87 18
19 Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa 48.25 19
20 Craig Wescoe 48.12 +1 21
20 Alexander Hayne 48.12 20
22 Antonio Del Moral Leon 48.00 22
23 Yuuki Ichikawa 47.37 23
24 Christian Calcano 46.74 24
25 Reid Duke 46.36 25

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Vorgestern, 23:31

MTG Arena Top 5 Plays | March 16-22, 2019

[+]Riley Knight and Denis Stranjak Riley Knight and Denis Stranjak count down the 5 best plays from across the world of streaming, Arena, coverage, and more!22 Mar, 19 | (Autor: Riley Knight and Denis Stranjak)
Vorgestern, 23:31

Top 4 in Tampa with Izzet Phoenix

[+]Brian DeMars After stepping back from competitive Magic, Brian soared into the Top 8 with one of the best decks in Modern.22 Mar, 19 | (Autor: Brian DeMars)
Vorgestern, 20:07

Modern's Sky Isn?t Falling

[+]Riley Knight Breathe. 21 Mar, 19 | (Autor: Riley Knight)
3 Tage her, Fr 07:28

One Bridge to Rule Them All, Part 2

[+]Andrea Mengucci Andrea takes a deep dive on the complete range of matchups for Whir Prison!21 Mar, 19 | (Autor: Andrea Mengucci)
3 Tage her, Fr 01:36

Starcity Games

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Vorgestern, 22:33

The Mistakes You've Been Making Against Izzet Phoenix, by Gerry Thompson

[+]This is a StarCityGames.com® Premium Article. Click here to sign up.Izzet Phoenix is hardly invincible. Yet GerryT keeps seeing players make the same mistakes against Modern's most-played deck. Fix these issues before SCG Cincinnati!
Vorgestern, 22:33

Finals Rewind!, by VS Live!

[+]Last weekend, three major Modern tournaments saw three Izzet Phoenix decks make the finals! Ross Merriam and Todd Anderson replay those last clashes ahead of SCG Cincinnati!
Vorgestern, 19:33

All That Glitters: Coming Up Short At GP Tampa And Moving Forward At SCG Cincinnati, by Kevin Jones

[+]This is a StarCityGames.com® Premium Article. Click here to sign up.Kevin Jones missed earning Gold Pro status at Grand Prix Tampa, but he's already looking toward a new Magical adventure! Check out the Standard decks he's considering for SCG Cincinnati!
Vorgestern, 16:33

Arclight Phoenix In Legacy: Trading Power For Consistency, by Todd Anderson

[+]This is a StarCityGames.com® Premium Article. Click here to sign up.Is going all-out with Arclight Phoenix really the best approach in Legacy? Todd Anderson explores the merits of trading power for consistency ahead of SCG Cincinnati!
3 Tage her, Fr 07:33

The Commander Advisory Group Charter, by Sheldon Menery

[+]You've met the Commander Advisory Group in Sheldon Menery's past articles. Let him introduce you to its charter, which lays out how CAG members will communicate with the Rules Committee and the public!
3 Tage her, Fr 04:33

Don't Make Constructed Mistakes In Limited, by Ryan Saxe

[+]If you try to play Limited like it's Constructed, you'll throw away games! Ryan Saxe highlights three key mistakes he sees frequently and tells how to avoid them!
3 Tage her, Fr 01:32

Magic Blogs

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Vorgestern, 21:06

Teamvorstellung - Paul / Victo

[+]Spielerprofil: Victo Name und Alter: Paul, 26 Woher kommt dein Nickname? Von einem meiner ersten Rollenspielcharaktere. Der volle Name war Victo Ry. Beruf bei MagicBlogs.de: Commander-Mitspieler Womit verdienst du das Geld für dein Hobby?...... | (Autor: paul)
Vorgestern, 21:06

Eternal Central

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Vorgestern, 19:27

Middle School Marauders 03-2019 Coverage and Results

[+]This past week the Lords of the Pit hosted another Middle School event in Chicago, in a recurring series of events called Middle School Marauders (#MiddleSchoolMarauders on social media). Future events in this series will likely be open to the public every month or two, and found on our Events page... | (Autor: JACO)
Vorgestern, 19:27


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Vorgestern, 18:00

State of the Program for March 22 2019

[+]It's Friday! It's time for Magic! We can continue to Loot Faithlessly, and people did so - a lot - at both GPs last weekend. MTGO is getting the London mulligan, and Arena is getting bling. More on that, plus news, ices, deck tech and more comparisons of Arena and MTGO, all just a... | (Autor: one million words)
Vorgestern, 18:00

Diaries of the Apocalypse: Tribal Week 427

[+]TRIBAL APOCALYPSE, the only TRIBAL WARS tournament in the whole wide world. The Tribal format, the Tribal players, the Tribal decks, and everything else. | (Autor: Kumagoro42)
Vorgestern, 18:00

Freed From the Real 518: Cosmetics, Stained Glass and Other Pretty Things

[+] Join us (AJ and Paul) as we discover Arena's swanky new duds, a set of planeswalkers, and upcoming Challenger decks.     Episode 518 Hosts: Paul and AJ Episode Length: 1h 35m 30s   News: Monthly (by now) Status update... | (Autor: Paul Leicht)
Vorgestern, 18:00

Nerd to the Core

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Vorgestern, 17:01

Common Design: Roar of the Wurm

Vorgestern, 17:01

Drive to Work

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Vorgestern, 15:05

#622: Brian David-Marshall

[+]Brian retired from doing coverage, so I decided to dedicate a podcast to his long Magic career.
Vorgestern, 15:05

#621: Simic

[+]This podcast is the tenth and final in my Ravnica guild series. In this podcast, I talk about the green-blue guild, the Simic Combine.
Vorgestern, 15:00

Hipsters of the Coast

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Vorgestern, 15:00

I'm Just a LoamerBoy

[+]Jerry and special guest Connor talk Aggo Loam. The post I’m Just a LoamerBoy appeared first on Hipsters of the Coast. | (Autor: Pat Euglow)
Vorgestern, 15:00

The Cat Came Back

[+]Mike and Adrian delve into the Pauper Challenge decklists. The post The Cat Came Back appeared first on Hipsters of the Coast. | (Autor: Michael Petschek)
Vorgestern, 15:00

Team Nova's Decklists for SCG Cincinnati

[+]Check out the team's Standard, Modern, and Legacy lists for this weekend. The post Team Nova’s Decklists for SCG Cincinnati appeared first on Hipsters of the Coast. | (Autor: Team Nova)
Vorgestern, 14:00

Building a Collected Company

[+]Magic is better with friends and teammates. The post Building a Collected Company appeared first on Hipsters of the Coast. | (Autor: Zack Kanner)
Vorgestern, 14:00

MTGPrice.com - Fast, accurate MTG card prices!

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Vorgestern, 15:00

The Value of Arena

[+]I?ve played a lot of Magic Online. There was a two-year period, from about 2007 to 2009, when I could only play online, as there was no good card shop near to me. Even after repeated culling of the collection, I?ve got something like 50k cards online that I?ll never be able to use in …... | (Autor: Cliff Daigle)
Vorgestern, 15:00

Horde of Notions

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Vorgestern, 14:33

Rakdos Cast: 5 Decks Modern para o GPSP (com Juliano)

[+]RAKDOSCAST Ep 160 - 5 Decks Modern para o GPSP (com Juliano) MP e Heli recebem o vetereano Juliano Gennari para falar dos principais decks modern no meta atual mp3: https://archive.org/download/RakdosCast1605decksmodernparaGPSP/RakdosCast-160-5decksmodernparaGPSP.mp3 Ouça online: https://rakdosca...
Vorgestern, 14:33

Mana Deprived

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Vorgestern, 14:13

Men From Modo #107 - Long Live The King

[+]Dave & Travis discuss the most recent Arena announcements. Travis makes a plea to save limited as we know it. The post Men From Modo #107 – Long Live The King appeared first on magic.facetofacegames.com. | (Autor: Men from Modo)
Vorgestern, 14:13

How to win the Phoenix mirror

[+]Daniel Fournier is back and he's still giving you all the insight on Modern's top deck -- Izzet Phoenix. This time find out everything you need to know about the mirror! The post How to win the Phoenix mirror appeared first on magic.facetofacegames.com. | (Autor: Daniel Fournier)
3 Tage her, Fr 04:30

Mana Leak UK

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Vorgestern, 13:04

Top Tips for Players Looking to Get Started in Modern

[+]Hi again folks! It?s been a long time since I’ve put finger to key, but after a while out of the game I am thrilled to say I?m back. For those of you who don’t know me, I have been playing competitive Magic since Scars Of Mirrodin. I have some PTQ Top 8s and represented […]... | (Autor: David Inglis)
Vorgestern, 13:04

Magic für Freizeitspieler: Regelfragen

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Vorgestern, 12:56

Frage (19494): Die Erhabenheit (Solemnity) sorgt unter anderem dafür, dass keine Marken auf Länder gelegt werden können. Gilt das auch für Länder wie die Dunklen Tiefen (= Dunkle Tiefen) (Dark Depths...

[+]Antwort: Ja. Die Marken sollen auf dieses Land gelegt werden, sowie es ins Spiel kommt, aber die Erhabenheit (Solemnity) verhindert das. Siehe Regel 121.6 im Ausführlichen Regelwerk. Die Dunklen Tiefen (= Dunkle Tiefen) (Dark Depths) kommen also ohne Marken ins Spiel, sodass gleich ihre letzte... | (Autor: F: EwokOne / A: zombiemaster)
Vorgestern, 12:56

Frage (19493): Ich wirke Carpe Diem (Seize the Day), das von einem Jahrtausendsturm (Thousand-Year Storm) dreimal kopiert wird. Erhalte ich dann vier Kampfphasen gefolgt von vier Hauptphasen, oder...

[+]Antwort: Letzteres. Jede Kopie wird einzeln verrechnet. Carpe Diem (Seize the Day) fügt nach der aktuellen Hauptphase eine zusätzliche Kampfphase ein, auf die eine zusätzliche Hauptphase folgt. Das nächste Carpe Diem (Seize the Day) tut das Gleiche, sodass die neu erzeugten zusätzlichen Phasen... | (Autor: F: Midori / A: Magnara)
3 Tage her, Fr 09:54


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3 Tage her, Fr 11:03

Cranial Insertion: Wissenschaft ist, was Wissen schafft!

[+]Oh, hallo. Ich habe nicht mitbekommen, dass ihr schon da seid. Ich war bis zu den Ellbogen mit meinem neuesten Forschungsprojekt … beschäftigt. | (Autor: Charlotte Sable)
3 Tage her, Fr 11:03

Quiet Speculation

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3 Tage her, Fr 10:00

This Week in Magic - Looting, Esports, Mulligans, & Treasure Chests

[+]This week Adam talks financial fallout from Faithless Looting, a major corporate sponsorship for Magic Esports, the new London Mulligan rule, and a tip to make MTGO more affordable. | (Autor: Adam Yurchick)
3 Tage her, Fr 10:00

Brainstorm Brewery

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3 Tage her, Fr 05:00

Brainstorm Brewery #331 A Proud of American Flyer

[+]Corbin (@CHosler88), DJ (@Rose0fThorns) and Jason (@jasonEalt) bring their takes on the Modern Metagame, Multi-Level Marketing, and Standard. Plus they have a special part-time guest. Make sure to check us out on Youtube because everything is better with video. https://www.youtube.com/user...
3 Tage her, Fr 05:00
Blah ...

news: Top 25 Pro Rankings - 23/2015

12.06.2016 13:13 | Mario Haßler

Liebes "Top 25 Pro Rankings - 23/2015", heute wirst du ein Jahr alt, und du bist immer noch der jüngste Beitrag hier auf GOYF. Dazu die allerbesten Glückwünsche, von Geburtstagskind zu Geburtstagskind!

news: Dragons of Tarkir Preview I

04.03.2015 13:59 | schattengaenger

Sicher, aber dann wäre es keine neue Fähigkeit bzw. kein neues Keyword...

Hätte es dagegen spannend gefunden, wenn WotC eine Kreatur mit Megamorph zusätzlich auch mit Morph ausgestattet hätten, damit man eine situative Wahl treffen könnte. Ich hoffe, dass WotC auch auf diese Idee gekommen ist!

04.03.2015 11:27 | zwork

Hätte man Megamorph nicht als "whenever it's turned face up for it's Morph cost put a +1/+1 counter on it" lösen können?
Hätte weniger von Power Ranger-Feeling. Ich finds dämlich so wie es ist.

news: Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier-Termine II

26.02.2015 23:47 | schattengaenger

Danke für den Hinweis! Ich hatte mich zwar kurz gewundert, aber im Eifer die Nachricht fertig zu kriegen habe ich auch nicht weiter darüber nachgedacht...

26.02.2015 11:15 | Jek

Gerade mit dem Shop-Besitzer geschrieben:

26.03.15 - Sealed - Speyer

stimmt nicht (mehr).

Es soll der 29.03. werden (was auch von WotC bestätigt wurde) - was auch mehr Sinn macht, da am Wochenende.

Bitte ändern ;)

news: Grand Prix Vancouver 2015 Sieger: Dan Lanthier

24.02.2015 22:04 | DerHut*

Tja... Mal sehen ob Splinter Twin wie Pod gebannt wird

* = unbestätigter Benutzer

news: Noch mehr Bilder vom MtG Brettspiel

23.02.2015 08:04 | schattengaenger

Durchaus möglich! Zumindest ähnelt das Design der Box dem Set-Design Magic Origins.

22.02.2015 07:59 | zwork

Sind das zufällig genau die selben Planeswalker wie in Magic Origins?


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