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Top 25 Pro Rankings - 23/2015

Rank Name Points Change Previous
1 Eric Froehlich 65.87 1
2 Samuel Black 63.62 2
3 Yuuya Watanabe 62.74 3
4 Lee Shi Tian 62.49 4
5 Owen Turtenwald 61.49 5
6 Ari Lax 58.62 6
7 Shaun McLaren 57.87 7
8 Seth Manfield 55.99 8
9 Paul Rietzl 55.62 9
10 Jacob Wilson 55.37 10
11 Ivan Floch 54.74 11
12 Shahar Shenhar 53.87 12
13 Brad Nelson 53.12 13
14 Josh Utter-Leyton 51.87 14
15 Ondrej Strasky 50.50 15
16 William Jensen 50.37 16
17 Andrew Cuneo 49.24 17
18 Shota Yasooka 48.87 18
19 Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa 48.25 19
20 Craig Wescoe 48.12 +1 21
20 Alexander Hayne 48.12 20
22 Antonio Del Moral Leon 48.00 22
23 Yuuki Ichikawa 47.37 23
24 Christian Calcano 46.74 24
25 Reid Duke 46.36 25

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MTG Cast

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Mo 12.11.2018 23:17

CMDR Central: #067- The Great Sunforger Debate

[+]Dana, Max and Chris sit down to evaluate a card they are weren’t fans of weeks ago, that card is Sunforger. Do their opinions change when digging deeper into the card? Also they do a mini deck tech for Patron John. John’s Deck: https://bit.ly/2qCggLs Support us on Patreon: https://www... | (Autor: cmdr central)
Mo 12.11.2018 23:17

The SnapCast Episode 109: Here to stay?

[+]Jerry and Rob are joined by a returning guest for their possible permanent return as they discuss the past couple of weeks of events, Ultimate Masters, and a new segment that will be appearing on our website! | (Autor: thesnapcast)
Mo 12.11.2018 23:17

Leaving a Legacy - Ep 211 - Anthony Laverde

[+]Hey everyone! This week we sit down with Storm aficionado Anthony Laverde. We discuss the latest results from EW and more! Don’t forget about the LaL Open at GamingEtc on Nov 17 – live streaming on our Twitch page!LAL OPEN https://www.facebook.com/events/493770464441604/ https://app... | (Autor: peuglow)
Mo 12.11.2018 06:59


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Mo 12.11.2018 23:04

White Weenie Sideboarding Guide

[+]Martin Juza Get the complete sideboard strategy and matchup guide to TeamCFB's 2nd-place finishing White-Red Aggro deck!12 Nov, 18 | (Autor: Martin Juza)
Mo 12.11.2018 23:04

News Brief: Ultimate Masters GP, Direct Challenge on Arena, Player of the Year Playoff, Hall of Fame, and PTGRN

[+]Alex Ullman The Pro Tour took center stage this weekend alongside some big announcements around Ultimate Masters, Arena, and... something?12 Nov, 18 | (Autor: Alex Ullman)
Mo 12.11.2018 18:46

4-Color Loam - Legacy | Channel Mengucci

[+]Andrea Mengucci Andrea Mengucci pilots a 4-Color Life from the Loam deck built around Dark Confidant, Knight of the Reliquary, and planeswalkers!12 Nov, 18 | (Autor: Andrea Mengucci)
Mo 12.11.2018 18:25

The Evolution of White Weenie for Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica

[+]Martin Juza On the eve of the Pro Tour, Martin broke down TeamCFB's R/W Aggro deck that LSV took all the way to the finals. 12 Nov, 18 | (Autor: Martin Juza)
Mo 12.11.2018 09:04

This Week in Magic

[+]Andrew Cooperfauss This week: Upgrading Pauper decks, the Player of the Year showdown, and Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica. 11 Nov, 18 | (Autor: Andrew Cooperfauss)
Mo 12.11.2018 05:05

This is not the greatest deck in the world…

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Mo 12.11.2018 21:58

Deck Build - Krav Maga, uh, Krav and Regna

[+]A friend of mine (let’s call him Greg) has asked me for some deck building help – he’s a Magic player from way back, and he’s been playing EDH for a little while now, and is having problems with a couple of decks – namely those being played by his sons. One of them is ... | (Autor: Viperion)
Mo 12.11.2018 21:58


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Mo 12.11.2018 21:51

Podcast 197: Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica

Mo 12.11.2018 21:51

Magic 102: Building Your First Deck (Magic Arena)

Mo 12.11.2018 18:00

Much Abrew: Whisperer Ooze Combo (Modern)

Mo 12.11.2018 05:00

Starcity Games

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Mo 12.11.2018 21:44

Modern Six-Piece Combo Pack!, by VS Live!

[+]Considering combo decks for the Modern portion of SCG Vegas? Todd Anderson and Ross Merriam show off six of the best on VS Live!
Mo 12.11.2018 21:44

Pro Tour Guilds Of Ravnica Postmortem, by Fact Or Fiction

[+]Ari Lax, Jadine Klomparens, and Sam Black take their places at the Fact or Fiction roundtable! Should we be scared of Boros Aggro? How high can Izzet Drakes fly? Get their answers and vote for your winner!
Mo 12.11.2018 18:44

Quiet Speculation

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Mo 12.11.2018 18:59

Daily Stock Watch - Niv-Mizzet, Parun

[+]Rob talks about a card that he thinks is still primed for a good run in the future on today's segment. | (Autor: Jamie Robertson San Juan)
Mo 12.11.2018 18:59

A Look at Old Foils

[+]A certain class of cards keeps appearing on MTG Stocks: old foils. But are these moves for real, or are they artifacts of the system? This week Sig investigates. | (Autor: Sigmund Ausfresser)
Mo 12.11.2018 11:00

Hipsters of the Coast

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Mo 12.11.2018 18:00

Six Years and Six Lessons for Writing About Magic the Gathering

[+]Rich has learned a few things after writing about Magic for six years. Good lord that's a long time. The post Six Years and Six Lessons for Writing About Magic the Gathering appeared first on Hipsters of the Coast. | (Autor: Rich Stein)
Mo 12.11.2018 18:00

New Bitterblossom Art from Ultimate Masters Sells for $12,000

[+]The piece by Jesper Ejsing was sold privately without an auction. The post New Bitterblossom Art from Ultimate Masters Sells for $12,000 appeared first on Hipsters of the Coast. | (Autor: Donny Caltrider)
Mo 12.11.2018 16:01

Andrew Elenbogen Wins Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica

[+]He defeated Luis Scott-Vargas in the finals to become a Pro Tour Champion. The post Andrew Elenbogen Wins Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica appeared first on Hipsters of the Coast. | (Autor: David McCoy)
Mo 12.11.2018 02:05

Legit MTG

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Mo 12.11.2018 18:00

Post-Pro Tour Thoughts

[+]Billy is back from the Pro Tour, and shares with us what he learned! | (Autor: Billy Mitchell)
Mo 12.11.2018 18:00

Wizards of the Coast (Articles)

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Mo 12.11.2018 17:30

The Rabiah Scale, Part 1

[+]Mark uses the Rabiah Scale to examine how likely he believes we are to return to a particular plane in a Standard-legal set. Read more | (Autor: By Mark Rosewater)
Mo 12.11.2018 17:30

Goblin Artisans

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Mo 12.11.2018 16:38

CCDD 111218?Path to Peace

Mo 12.11.2018 16:38

Magic Rules Tips

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Mo 12.11.2018 16:00

Lazav the Multifarious and Names!

[+]Learn all about how Lazav interacts with cards that refer to themselves by name, with guest contributor Etrata the Silencer! | (Autor: tnunez)
Mo 12.11.2018 16:00

Magic für Freizeitspieler: Regelfragen

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Mo 12.11.2018 08:45

Frage (19349): Kann ich in einer Partie "Kommandeur" (engl. Commander) mit dem Steinbruch-Koloss (Quarry Colossus) den Kommandeur meines Gegners in seine Bibliothek legen, ohne dass der...

[+]Antwort: Nein. Gemäß Regel 903.9 im Ausführlichen Regelwerk kann ein Spieler von diesem Ersatzeffekt immer Gebrauch machen, wenn der Kommandeur "von egal woher ins Exil geschickt oder auf die Hand, auf den Friedhof oder in die Bibliothek seines Besitzers gelegt würde". Es spielt keine... | (Autor: F: Tim / A: zombiemaster)
Mo 12.11.2018 08:45

Wizards of the Coast

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Mo 12.11.2018 08:30

2019 Magic Online Championship

[+]The 2019 Magic Online Championship Series has exciting new things in store for players hoping to win big and make it to the top. Read more | (Autor: By Alli Medwin)
Mo 12.11.2018 08:30


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Mo 12.11.2018 06:34

CommanderCast Ep 337 - Big Mana for Big Men

[+]Hello everyone and welcome to CommanderCast Episode 336! This week, Mark and Adam are back to talk a bit about some interesting things people got in the mail recently. Then they move on to Pumping and Dumping, Big Mana, Spending Green… Plus there’s a retro cycle review. So pull up your... | (Autor: Mark Mahler)
Mo 12.11.2018 06:34

Cranial Insertion

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Mo 12.11.2018 06:00

Cranial Insertion: Going Pro

[+]There's a new Cranial Insertion article live on the site! Go read "Going Pro"
Mo 12.11.2018 06:00
Blah ...

news: In eigener Sache

18.10.2019 08:21 | Mario Haßle*

Schon lange finde ich es schade, dass du deinen Projekten goyf und Couchmagic so wenig Liebe angedeihen lässt. Der Schritt, den goyf nun ganz zu beenden, ist nachvollziehbar, aber auch aus meiner Sicht bedauerlich. Couchmagic wird vermutlich bald folgen...

17.10.2019 14:24 | Eddos*

Sehr schade, den Newsfeed habe ich bis vor 3 Tagen täglich genutzt. Vielleicht kannst du mir ein ähnliches Angebot nennen?
Vielen Dank für dass, was du insgesamt mit dem goyf geleistet hast.es war damals nach germagic (R.I.P.)
Meine wichtigste Anlaufstelle zu Beginn meiner Magic-Zeit.

* = unbestätigter Benutzer

news: Top 25 Pro Rankings - 23/2015

12.06.2016 13:13 | Mario Haßler

Liebes "Top 25 Pro Rankings - 23/2015", heute wirst du ein Jahr alt, und du bist immer noch der jüngste Beitrag hier auf GOYF. Dazu die allerbesten Glückwünsche, von Geburtstagskind zu Geburtstagskind!

news: Dragons of Tarkir Preview I

04.03.2015 13:59 | schattengaenger

Sicher, aber dann wäre es keine neue Fähigkeit bzw. kein neues Keyword...

Hätte es dagegen spannend gefunden, wenn WotC eine Kreatur mit Megamorph zusätzlich auch mit Morph ausgestattet hätten, damit man eine situative Wahl treffen könnte. Ich hoffe, dass WotC auch auf diese Idee gekommen ist!

04.03.2015 11:27 | zwork

Hätte man Megamorph nicht als "whenever it's turned face up for it's Morph cost put a +1/+1 counter on it" lösen können?
Hätte weniger von Power Ranger-Feeling. Ich finds dämlich so wie es ist.

news: Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier-Termine II

26.02.2015 23:47 | schattengaenger

Danke für den Hinweis! Ich hatte mich zwar kurz gewundert, aber im Eifer die Nachricht fertig zu kriegen habe ich auch nicht weiter darüber nachgedacht...

26.02.2015 11:15 | Jek

Gerade mit dem Shop-Besitzer geschrieben:

26.03.15 - Sealed - Speyer

stimmt nicht (mehr).

Es soll der 29.03. werden (was auch von WotC bestätigt wurde) - was auch mehr Sinn macht, da am Wochenende.

Bitte ändern ;)

news: Grand Prix Vancouver 2015 Sieger: Dan Lanthier

24.02.2015 22:04 | DerHut*

Tja... Mal sehen ob Splinter Twin wie Pod gebannt wird

* = unbestätigter Benutzer


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