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Top 25 Pro Rankings - 23/2015

Rank Name Points Change Previous
1 Eric Froehlich 65.87 1
2 Samuel Black 63.62 2
3 Yuuya Watanabe 62.74 3
4 Lee Shi Tian 62.49 4
5 Owen Turtenwald 61.49 5
6 Ari Lax 58.62 6
7 Shaun McLaren 57.87 7
8 Seth Manfield 55.99 8
9 Paul Rietzl 55.62 9
10 Jacob Wilson 55.37 10
11 Ivan Floch 54.74 11
12 Shahar Shenhar 53.87 12
13 Brad Nelson 53.12 13
14 Josh Utter-Leyton 51.87 14
15 Ondrej Strasky 50.50 15
16 William Jensen 50.37 16
17 Andrew Cuneo 49.24 17
18 Shota Yasooka 48.87 18
19 Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa 48.25 19
20 Craig Wescoe 48.12 +1 21
20 Alexander Hayne 48.12 20
22 Antonio Del Moral Leon 48.00 22
23 Yuuki Ichikawa 47.37 23
24 Christian Calcano 46.74 24
25 Reid Duke 46.36 25

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Starcity Games

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Mi 23.05.2018 22:19

GerryT's 10 Things: 8-Pact, by Gerry Thompson

[+]This is a StarCityGames.com® Premium Article. Click here to sign up.Gerry has nine fresh Standard brews to comment on, but the main event? A new Modern deck that will kill you in a hurry! Watch out for it at SCG Minneapolis this weekend!
Mi 23.05.2018 22:19

Anderson VS Brad: G/W Hexproof VS U/B Control - Round 3!, by Todd Anderson

[+]We're prepping for the Pauper Classic at SCG CON on VS! Todd Anderson takes G/W Hexproof to battle against Brad Nelson and U/B Control!
Mi 23.05.2018 19:19

The Basic Land Financial Power Rankings, by Chas Andres

[+]This is a StarCityGames.com® Premium Article. Click here to sign up.So you want to add some spice to your basic lands? Chas Andres has his complete Financial Power Rankings, plus This Week's Trends!
Mi 23.05.2018 10:18

Updating Blue Moon Decks, by Ross Merriam

[+]This is a StarCityGames.com® Premium Article. Click here to sign up.Ross Merriam revisits his excellent run at last weekend's SCG Tour event, complete with updated decklist and a full breakdown of his process for picking it back up!
Mi 23.05.2018 07:18

The Unsung Legacy Tech, by Ben Friedman

[+]Ben Friedman gives you a very smart and fresh look at Legacy and what you might be missing in your deck strategy! If you're gonna sling some Brainstorms at SCG CON, consult Ben first!
Mi 23.05.2018 04:18

Modern Introspection And Reflection, by Ari Lax

[+]This is a StarCityGames.com® Premium Article. Click here to sign up.Pro Tour Champion Ari Lax thinks Modern needs some redefining! Get his fresh look at the format as we move to SCG Minneapolis weekend!
Mi 23.05.2018 01:18

Quiet Speculation

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Mi 23.05.2018 20:41

Insider: The ?Soft? Reserved List & Magic Player Rewards

[+]Just because Wizards can print any card off the Reserved List, that doesn't mean they will. David looks at the textless Magic Player Rewards cards and discusses their value as specs. | (Autor: David Schumann)
Mi 23.05.2018 20:41

Insider: MTGO Market Report for May 23rd, 2018

[+]Matthew Lewis presents the MTGO Market Report for this week, evaluating important events in the online market and highlighting a ?trade of the week.? | (Autor: Matthew Lewis)
Mi 23.05.2018 15:17

Daily Stock Watch - Thrashing Brontodon

[+]Rob loves this dinosaur from Rivals of Ixalan. Read more about it here! | (Autor: Jamie Robertson San Juan)
Mi 23.05.2018 06:04

MTG Realm

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Mi 23.05.2018 20:07

Dominaria Stories continued

[+]~Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,We had started a page where one can find all the links to Dominaria stores, and perhaps as popular for Magic: the Gathering gamers, all those very cool / informative character spot-light / vignettes.  That link is right on over here.We wanted to add on to the...
Mi 23.05.2018 20:07


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Mi 23.05.2018 19:30

Humans - Modern | Channel Pat Cox

[+]Pat Cox Watch aggro expert Pat Cox pilot the best deck in Modern through a queue on Magic Online!23 May, 18 | (Autor: Pat Cox)
Mi 23.05.2018 19:30

Battlebond Preview Card: Spellseeker

[+]Luis Scott-Vargas Trinket Mage. For Spells.23 May, 18 | (Autor: Luis Scott-Vargas)
Mi 23.05.2018 17:00

How Many Copies of Any Given Card Should You Put in Your Deck?

[+]Frank Karsten How do you choose between a 1-of, 2-of, 3-of, or 4-of? The calculation might be more complicated than you think!22 May, 18 | (Autor: Frank Karsten)
Mi 23.05.2018 05:59

The Underdogs Rise Up to Meet Major Metagames

[+]Brian DeMars Even a stale format offers room to identify metagame trends and gain an advantage. Brian has an unconventional suggestion for each format!22 May, 18 | (Autor: Brian DeMars)
Mi 23.05.2018 03:30

Dominaria Draft | Channel BenS

[+]Ben Stark Ben Stark's loving the new Draft format and he's here to guide you pick-by-pick through his latest queue!22 May, 18 | (Autor: Ben Stark)
Mi 23.05.2018 01:34

Three New Brews for a New Brawl: Kumena, Karn, and Jodah

[+]Joel Larsson Magic's newest format undergoes a few tweaks.22 May, 18 | (Autor: Joel Larsson)
Mi 23.05.2018 01:00

Magic für Freizeitspieler: Regelfragen

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Mi 23.05.2018 18:51

Frage (19117): Übernehme ich mit der Berauschenden Melodie (= Berauschende Melodie) (Entrancing Melody) auch Auren und Ausrüstungen, die an die Kreatur angelegt sind?

[+]Antwort: Nein, vergleiche Fragen (1189), (1766), (3209) und (12964) samt Antworten. | (Autor: F: Markus / A: Teferi)
Mi 23.05.2018 18:51

Frage (19116): Ich habe Brago, King Eternal und eine Wolkenform (Cloudform) im Spiel. Die manifestierte Karte ist ein Land. Wenn ich nun mit Bragos (Brago, King Eternal) Fähigkeit sowohl die...

[+]Antwort: Ja. Zunächst werden die beiden Karten ins Exil geschickt, wo die Wolkenform (Cloudform) aufhört, eine Aura zu sein, und die manifestierte Karte aufgedeckt wird. Dann kommen beide Karten ins Spiel zurück, auch das Land, weil es sich um eine bleibende Karte handelt. Die Wolkenform (Cloudform... | (Autor: F: David Schütz / A: Teferi)
Mi 23.05.2018 08:15


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Mi 23.05.2018 18:00

Becoming A Modern Man - Lightning Wizard

[+]I dip into Dominaria for my latest foray in Modern. This deck is a h0lydiva brew featuring Wizards of great prowess and a lot of lightning. | (Autor: olaw)
Mi 23.05.2018 18:00

Casual Decks for All

[+]Based on Nova Pentacle, Rainbow Vale, and Manabarbs! | (Autor: CottonRhetoric)
Mi 23.05.2018 18:00

The Accidental Player 84: Dominaria: The Tribal Evaluation

[+]Squee, we're home. | (Autor: Kumagoro42)
Mi 23.05.2018 18:00

PlanetMTG News

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Mi 23.05.2018 17:43

Turnierplaner 18/05.4

[+] Dieses Wochenende stehen außer PPTQs kaum besondere Events an. Für die Westdeutschen könnte die Dutch Open Series interessant sein. Inhaltsverzeichnis Dieses Wochenende Darüber hinaus PPTQs für 25th Anniversary PPTQs für Atlanta RPTQs für PT Dominaria Großveranstaltungen in Europa Professione... | (Autor: Florian Koch)
Mi 23.05.2018 17:43

Goblin Artisans

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Mi 23.05.2018 17:14

GDS3 Reflections: Scott Wilson, Challenge #2

Mi 23.05.2018 17:14

GDS3 Reflections: Jay Treat, Challenge 2: Bigtopia

Mi 23.05.2018 16:57

Gathering Magic

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Mi 23.05.2018 17:00

Losing Dominaria Drafts: Some Advanced Tips

[+]Roused by the promise of Dominaria, Ferrett emerges with some great advice on the best ways to lose in Draft! | (Autor: Ferrett Steinmetz)
Mi 23.05.2018 17:00

What's in a Sketch?

[+]It's time for another art terminology lesson as Vorthos Mike guides you through the world of sketches! | (Autor: Vorthos Mike)
Mi 23.05.2018 16:59

Soldier On

[+]It's time to lock your opponents down and strike first with today's Legacy decklist! | (Autor: Carlos Gutierrez)
Mi 23.05.2018 16:58

The Stuff of Legends

[+]With a daunting challenge ahead of you, can you find a way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat? | (Autor: Sean Uy)
Mi 23.05.2018 16:57

Wizards of the Coast (Articles)

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Mi 23.05.2018 16:21


[+]The Card Image Gallery is updated every day with the latest card previews. Battlebond releases on June 8, 2018. Read more | (Autor: By Wizards of the Coast)
Mi 23.05.2018 16:21

Bramble Sovereign

[+]Meghan's Battlebond preview card proves two creatures?like two heads?are always better than one. Read more | (Autor: By Meghan Wolff)
Mi 23.05.2018 09:30

Last One Standing

[+]Maria previews a card from Battlebond with implications both epic and surprising. Read more | (Autor: By Maria Bartholdi)
Mi 23.05.2018 09:30

Hipsters of the Coast

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Mi 23.05.2018 16:00

The Dominaria Problem

[+]Levi reflects on the challnges of telling the story in Dominaria. The post The Dominaria Problem appeared first on Hipsters of the Coast. | (Autor: Levi Byrne)
Mi 23.05.2018 16:00

Building a Better Stampede

[+]Kendra updates her Elves for the Pauper Challenge and scores a top eight. The post Building a Better Stampede appeared first on Hipsters of the Coast. | (Autor: Kendra Smith)
Mi 23.05.2018 16:00

MTG Cast

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Mi 23.05.2018 15:06

Unspoken Realms 169 - DOM#10 - Return to Dominaria E10

[+]Episode 169 of the Unspoken Realms podcast, featuring Return to Dominaria Episode 10 by Martha Wells. This is the tenth chapter in the Magic: The Gathering story for Dominaria. To support Unspoken Realms, visit the Patreon page. | (Autor: unspokenrealms)
Mi 23.05.2018 15:06

Wizards of the Coast

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Mi 23.05.2018 12:41

Return to Dominaria: Episode 11

[+]The plan for overcoming Belzenlok is put into motion . . . but not without potentially deadly complications. Read more | (Autor: By Martha Wells)
Mi 23.05.2018 12:41

Yargle, Glutton of Urborg

[+]Bring digital versions of Magic's best artwork home with quality, high-resolution images uploaded weekly to use as the wallpaper or background for your computer, tablet, or phone. Read more | (Autor: By Jeehan Choo)
Mi 23.05.2018 09:30

The Japan Hobbyist

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Mi 23.05.2018 10:43

Bang for your Buck: Investing in cards for Dominaria - White, Blue, and Black

[+]Disclaimer: I can not be held responsible for any poor decisions I make in regards to cards you might buy in response to my article. I?m going to post my thoughts and plead… Continue reading →
Mi 23.05.2018 10:43

Mana Deprived

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Mi 23.05.2018 06:22

First Strike #79 - Team Crotts/Blum/Smith top 4s Toronto!

[+]KYT, Derek, and Andy are joined by Jennifer Crotts, Tyler Blum, and Robert Smith after their top 4 appearance in the Team Trios Constructed Grand Prix Toronto last weekend. The post First Strike #79 – Team Crotts/Blum/Smith top 4s Toronto! appeared first on ManaDeprived.com. | (Autor: First Strike)
Mi 23.05.2018 06:22
Blah ...

news: In eigener Sache

18.10.2019 08:21 | Mario Haßle*

Schon lange finde ich es schade, dass du deinen Projekten goyf und Couchmagic so wenig Liebe angedeihen lässt. Der Schritt, den goyf nun ganz zu beenden, ist nachvollziehbar, aber auch aus meiner Sicht bedauerlich. Couchmagic wird vermutlich bald folgen...

17.10.2019 14:24 | Eddos*

Sehr schade, den Newsfeed habe ich bis vor 3 Tagen täglich genutzt. Vielleicht kannst du mir ein ähnliches Angebot nennen?
Vielen Dank für dass, was du insgesamt mit dem goyf geleistet hast.es war damals nach germagic (R.I.P.)
Meine wichtigste Anlaufstelle zu Beginn meiner Magic-Zeit.

* = unbestätigter Benutzer

news: Top 25 Pro Rankings - 23/2015

12.06.2016 13:13 | Mario Haßler

Liebes "Top 25 Pro Rankings - 23/2015", heute wirst du ein Jahr alt, und du bist immer noch der jüngste Beitrag hier auf GOYF. Dazu die allerbesten Glückwünsche, von Geburtstagskind zu Geburtstagskind!

news: Dragons of Tarkir Preview I

04.03.2015 13:59 | schattengaenger

Sicher, aber dann wäre es keine neue Fähigkeit bzw. kein neues Keyword...

Hätte es dagegen spannend gefunden, wenn WotC eine Kreatur mit Megamorph zusätzlich auch mit Morph ausgestattet hätten, damit man eine situative Wahl treffen könnte. Ich hoffe, dass WotC auch auf diese Idee gekommen ist!

04.03.2015 11:27 | zwork

Hätte man Megamorph nicht als "whenever it's turned face up for it's Morph cost put a +1/+1 counter on it" lösen können?
Hätte weniger von Power Ranger-Feeling. Ich finds dämlich so wie es ist.

news: Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier-Termine II

26.02.2015 23:47 | schattengaenger

Danke für den Hinweis! Ich hatte mich zwar kurz gewundert, aber im Eifer die Nachricht fertig zu kriegen habe ich auch nicht weiter darüber nachgedacht...

26.02.2015 11:15 | Jek

Gerade mit dem Shop-Besitzer geschrieben:

26.03.15 - Sealed - Speyer

stimmt nicht (mehr).

Es soll der 29.03. werden (was auch von WotC bestätigt wurde) - was auch mehr Sinn macht, da am Wochenende.

Bitte ändern ;)

news: Grand Prix Vancouver 2015 Sieger: Dan Lanthier

24.02.2015 22:04 | DerHut*

Tja... Mal sehen ob Splinter Twin wie Pod gebannt wird

* = unbestätigter Benutzer


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